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patient lying on Open MRI machine table

An MRI can be a scary experience for many people. Some patients experience claustrophobia due to the confining space of a traditional MRI. Others may not comfortably fit inside the opening. Some newer closed MRIs may offer a larger opening, called a “big bore”, but many people still have difficulty being in an enclosed space or tunnel. Until now, the only alternative was to have a scan on a type of open MRI machine that used a much weaker magnet than a closed MRI, offering much lower image quality. This caused many referring physicians to have a negative view of open MRI machines.

The Imaging Center was the first to offer a new type of Open MRI technology to the northern Colorado region. Our Hitachi Oasis 1.2T MRI scanner is a huge step forward in imaging technology.
A few technical details about our Hitachi Oasis Open MRI:

  • 1.2T magnet strength, very close to closed bore 1.5T. Most other open MRIs vary from 0.3-1.0T.
  • Image quality comparable to closed MRI exams, and even better for many extremity studies
  • 660 pound table weight limit to accommodate most bariatric patients
  • All exams can be scanned at true isocenter, which allows for excellent extremity imaging and comfortable patient positions
  • Multi-channel imaging coils, including dedicated wrist, knee, shoulder, neurovascular, abdominal, spine, and chest coils
  • Excellent metal artifact reduction sequences for minimizing artifact from metallic implants. The combination of 1.2T field strength and the proprietary Hitachi sequence “primeFSE” provide artifact reduction that is second to none
  • Fat saturation sequences available for all body parts

Our staff is highly trained and eager to provide an amazing MRI experience. Our MRI techs are experienced and highly trained to meet your needs. Our exams are dictated by the Fort Collins based radiology group Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants (AMIC). The exams are read by subspecialty trained radiologists in areas such as neurological imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, and body imaging. They will offer a high quality diagnosis in a short amount of time.

patient lying on Open MRI machine table

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