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Highest Quality of Care and Comfortable Environment

**COVID-19 Update: To protect our at-risk patients and employees, we are not currently imaging confirmed COVID-19 patients who have not completed the mandatory quarantine period, or those who have been tested for COVID-19 but do not have the results back yet. If you are in those two groups and need urgent imaging, you will need to go to an emergency room or hospital** **

Highest Quality of Care and Comfortable Environment

Many patients have trouble tolerating a traditional closed MRI. That is why we offer the best in high strength Open MRI technology – the Hitachi Oasis 1.2T. The Oasis offers exceptional image quality comparable to closed MRIs in a more open, comfortable environment. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your next MRI. We offer competitive insurance pricing for our MRIs, and very competitive price match rates for patients without insurance. We are conveniently located in Loveland, Colorado.

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    Most Advanced Open MRI in Northern Colorado


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our Open MRI can accommodate patients of all ages, shapes, and sizes, even up to 660 pounds. Our state-of-the-art Open MRI technology combined with our board-certified radiology staff provide the best care possible. We even have very competitive pricing for your healthcare dollars. Come see what a better MRI experience is like! We are conveniently located in Loveland, Colorado, and serve patients from Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.


We provide access

We provide access to the best medical imaging Colorado has to offer. You may reach us at (970) 282-2912 for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Open MRI of the Rockies

2500 Rocky Mountain Ave. Suite 150 Loveland, CO 80538

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  • Front Desk: (970) 619-6125

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  • Scheduling: (970) 282-2912

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